AGM Minutes 2013

Date: Tuesday 10th December 2013
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Abercwmboi Rugby Club

Committee Members:
Adrian Colley (Chairman)
Helen Colley (Secretary)
Ros Edmonds (Treasurer)
Tony Dally (Club Welfare Officer)
Ed Morgan (Head Coach – BTA Level 3)

1. Chair’s report

AC welcomed all to the meeting and confirmed the club committee members as it currently stands.
AC noted club achievements through the year, including club member race results, coaching awards (Ed Morgan receiving RCT Coach of the Year Award) and a newly qualified coaching team. To date this includes:

BTA Level 1 – Helen and Adrian Colley, Des Devlin, Louis Adams and Martin Davies
BTA Level 2 – Tony Dally

2. Treasurer’s report

RE confirmed the summary of membership which has increased significantly over the year.
A summary of income and expenditure was confirmed. The club is currently in a positive finance position but could be doing a little better. RE confirmed that the club swim fees have not increased over the past few years. It was confirmed that this would be addressed in a later agenda item.
RE confirmed that a second round of Community Chest money was won by the club, and this would be put towards further Level 2 Coaching qualifications.

3. Ratification of Club President: Phil Gibbon

EM confirmed that Phil Gibbon is our Club President and that he sent his apologies for the meeting. Phil is a founder member of the club.
It was voted that Phil remains in the position of Club President.

4. Club Fees for 2014 – 2015

RE proposed that the Club swim fees for 2014 increase to £45.00 per quarter for adult members and £23.00 per quarter for the junior members.
This proposal was put to the vote and carried.

5. Web-site developments, social media, FB, Twitter

Louis Adams explained the developments of the recently launched club website:
Louis encouraged all members to actively start using the website as a source of information. The club would also like to ensure that any race reports are completed after events, so the website is currently updated with current activity. Louis reported that there were 500 hits on the website during November.
EM confirmed that he has added content to reflect coaching tips. EM has also created Twitter accounts so regular coaching information is communicated.
Louis will also be creating Drop Box sites, which will assist the Coaching Team and also a members only site will be created for future use. This could include swim video analysis etc.
Louis confirmed that new membership forms will be available from the website.

6. Triathlon Events for 2014/Social Events/Committee

Various suggestions were made for the club championships for 2014. Votes confirmed the following:

Ammanford Sprint Triathlon – Novice Championships – 13th April 2014
Tata Steel Olympic Triathlon – Club Championships – 1st June 2014

AC proposed that he would like to see a social committee developed, which can include friends and family of club members. It was proposed that a club social secretary is voted in and will be addressed in a later agenda item.

7. Coaching Developments/sessions

EM confirmed the current coaching team (noted in item 1). EM confirmed that Adrian Colley and Louis Adams will be taking the Level 2 BTA qualification, and Darren Hancock will be taking his Level 1 BTA qualification in 2014.
EM confirmed that the club has purchased a new camera to use for swim analysis, which can benefit members considerably.
EM proposed that TD steps down from coaching the junior session due to a conflict of interest, as Tony is the Club Welfare Officer.
The club offered an extra swimming session on a Wednesday evening (for inexperienced swimmers) to assist with the current demand and is proving to be very successful. This will continue for 2014.
EM confirmed that the Tuesday night bike sessions will be repeated, once the lighter evenings start.
Des Devlin will also be starting a new run session in Treforest Industrial Estate in January, details will be posted on FB.
Saturday and Sunday bike rides will be posted on FB as usual.
Members agreed that run sessions for the juniors would be welcomed during the spring/summer. It was suggested that these sessions could be run before the swim sessions on Sunday.
Details of any confirmed sessions will be posted on the website and FB.

8. Safeguarding changes

TD explained the recent changes from CRB for DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).
Welsh Triathlon are reviewing their own internal procedures for DBS at present, and these procedures have not been confirmed to date.
TD confirmed that we are registered with RCT as a “safe club” and follow all policies and best practice.
Louis Adams asked if the safeguarding logo could be placed on our website. TD to confirm.

9. Committee expansion

As the club is rapidly expanding new committee members need to be voted in. EM proposed that the new committee should include: Membership Secretary, Website Co-ordinator and Social Secretary.
RE further explained that the role of Treasurer had increased over the year, and she was finding it very hard to oversee the volume of work involved. It was proposed that a committee role is developed which would split the current Treasurers role in two, therefore, having a Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

10. Following a formal vote the 2014 Club Committee is represented below:

Chairman – Adrian Colley
Secretary – Helen Colley
Treasurer – Ros Edmunds
Membership Secretary – Louis Adams
Website Co-ordinator – Des Devlin
Welfare Officer – Tony Dally
Social Secretary – Chris Armstrong

11. Community Chest application

TD confirmed that a second round of community chest funding had been awarded and sign off had been completed.
ED thanked all involved in the application process.

12. Club Kit – update

AC highlighted the recent problems that we have had in connection with our new suppliers of Club Kit. Currently there are 10 cycling jerseys waiting to be sent. New suppliers are being approached and we hope to have confirmed details for ordering in the New Year.
Chris Armstrong confirmed that he can also repeat the t-shirt order if demand is there.
Discussions also took place for the design of an official Club banner and possible sponsorship. This will be looked into by the committee.

13. Welsh Tri membership and other affiliations

TD confirmed that there are many benefits to joining Welsh Triathlon, one being the insurance and public liability. The full membership details can be found on the Welsh Triathlon website.

CTC Affiliation;
Members agreed that they are happy to continue with the cycling affiliation to the CTC for Time Trialling events.

Welsh Athletic Affiliation;
Members agreed that they were happy with joining the Welsh Athletic Association. A fee of £50.00 is required along with an official running vest.
This would allow members to enter running events as TET

14. AoB

The pool time has been confirmed for Wednesday and Sunday at Abercynon. Reports have been made that Abercynon may be cutting its pool times. In light of this point and the increase in the number of enquiries to join the club, members of the committee are currently looking into pool time at other leisure centres and its viability.

AC thanked all for attending and wished all club members well for 2014!

Attendance Record:
Darren Hancock
Chris Armstrong
Vicky Jones
Jamie Massanet-Nicolau
Simon Morgan
Richard Morgan
Louise Ward
Nick James
Paul Figgins
Lee Rossiter
Allan Gill
Stuart Grant
Gemma Devlin
Des Devlin
Marie Claire Hopkins
Donna Hunkin
Ed Morgan
Alan Edwards
Adrian Colley
Helen Colley
Louis Adams
Tony Dally
Ros Edmonds