Club Championship Races

Each year at the club we select a number of races to be “Club Championship” races. These are competitive races in the club with prizes on offer for the winner of each race; as well as the opportunity to be crowned the club champion for that given distance/ability. The process of choosing our club championship races is an open one. Every member of the club has the opportunity to vote on what race they would like as the club championship race for a given distance/ability. There are 4 championship races in total.

Below is a list of our agreed 2022 Club Championship races:

  • Sprint Distance Club Championship – Fishguard Sprint (Sunday 19th June)
  • Standard Distance Club Championship – TATA Steelman (Sunday 12th June)
  • Middle Distance Club Championship – Ironman Swansea 70.3 (Sunday 7th August)
  • Long Distance Club Championship – Ironman Wales (Sunday 11th September)