Huw Jones (Level 2 BTF Coach)

My history with Triathlon dates back to very nearly the start of the sport in the UK in the early 80’s. Except it wasn’t me competing it was my brother. I was a cyclist. And those “types” who rode bikes without sleeves… let’s not mention them. After a long break due to usual College/work/young family etc., I returned to the sport, again not for me, I’d agreed to go along with the wife’s wish to do a triathlon for her 40th. My children took up the sport and the Eldest was doing well for his first year. I was never running a marathon, I mean  -why would I? But the hook was baited and I was hooked. From my first sprint in 2013 I worked up to Ironman in 2015, stepping up in distance as I went. I believe that triathlon is for everyone, I will compete in any race, This year I will compete at every distance, from super sprint through to full distance. I’m lucky that with the support of my family I’m able to dedicate the time to training, mainly as they train with me,

Becoming a coach has really been the cherry on my triathlon cake. I’m so proud to be a small part of this growing and successful club.