Often, undertaking a new venture such as training for and completing a triathlon can seem a bit daunting for some. Doing it on your own is the right thing for lots of people, especially for anyone with a significant sporting background. If, on the other hand, you are new to endurance sport, it might be better for you to join a club with its structure of coaching and an abundance of advice from experienced triathletes. In you live in the central valleys area of South Wales and think a triathlon club is the right environment for you to start your multisport adventure, then Taff Ely Triathlon Club is here to help. We have a number of sessions throughout the week, some coached, others led or organized including open water swims, bike rides and runs. If you are a newbie or beginner triathlete looking forward to a first event or a seasoned triathlete moving into the area, we would love to accommodate your needs and ambitions.

All of our run coached sessions and bike rides are free, and the cost of swim sessions in local pools is regularly reviewed to keep their price down for members (annually). The club has a number of British Triathlon Federation  and Welsh Triathlon qualified coaches from Level 1 to Level 3, something that few other clubs can offer. These coaches who are all experienced triathletes understand the complex interplay of training and how to prepare to race across multiple disciplines – and are not just single sport coaches or physical trainers (PTs) with no history in the sport of triathlon who often lack that understanding. The coaches are here to advise Taff Ely Triathlon club members and are not paid to deliver these sessions, devoting their time, money and effort for free because of their love of the sport. By joining Taff Ely Triathlon club you can join Welsh Triathlon at a reduced rate (PS you can only be affiliated to one triathlon club at one time, though many members also affiliate to single sport clubs for cycling and running purpose).

As a club we are affiliated to Welsh Triathlon, the National Governing body for Triathlon in Wales, who are in turn a region within the British Triathlon Federation (BTF). As a member of Taff Ely Triathlon club once can join Welsh Triathlon and enter any BTF Permitted races at a discounted rate (please look for the BTF event Permit logo before you enter, as this is a mark that the race is safe etc.).  There are additional benefits to members of Welsh Triathlon such as third party insurance etc. to cover you whilst training and also discounts negotiated with a range of retailers (please see Welsh Triathlon web site for current details).

Should you wish to join Taff Ely Triathlon club please complete the membership form through our membership tab on the home page. Once complete, you will be sent an email telling you your application is being reviewed. Once approved you will be sent an email requesting payment. If unsure, please contact our Membership Secretary for details and to confirm that you have made the payment.

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NOTE:- If you are contacting us regarding joining a swim session. Please let us know a recent time it took you to swim 400m front crawl and where you are from, as this helps us determine which venue and time slot is appropriate for you.


  • Senior member: £20
  • Student /UB40: £10
  • Youth /Junior: £10
  • Family 1 £30 (one adult plus two or more children).
  • Family 2 £40 (two adults plus two or more children)

Membership Benefits 

  • 10% Discount at E.C Cycles