Des Devlin – Level 2 BTF


Tata Steelman 2013

Tata Steelman 2013I recently qualified as a Level 2 British Triathlon coach and have just started my triathlon coaching journey. I do have coaching experience from karate which I coached for 6 years, the karate coaching was very varied with ages from 6-60 and with ability’s from complete beginner to 4th dan black belt.

I am fairly new to triathlon with my first race in 2011, I then did 3 triathlons in 2012 and 7 in 2013. Distances have been from sprint to middle distance (70.3 or half ironman).

2013 was the first year where I decided I would take my training and racing more seriously but it was very rewarding with some great race results including 4th in age category (16th overall) in the English middle distance championships, 1st Cosmeston sprint (a bit of nostalgia here as it was the race that started my interest in triathlon when I watched it in 2006 by accident), 4th overall Steelman Olympic and I qualified for the GB age group European Olympic distance championships in 2014 coming 3rd in age group (33rd overall) at Bala Olympic. 2014 will be focussing on Olympic distance racing. In 2015 I won the Porthcawl Standard distance triathlon and came second at the Wales Sprint Triathlon in Fishguard.

Even though I am relatively  to triathlon I have always been active. I practised karate for 9 years gaining a 2nd dan black belt gaining titles at national and European level. I first started road biking in 2008 but have quite an unusual cycling history . . . I rode a unicycle for many years and between 2002 and 2007 regular weekly mileage was around 70 miles (long rides were up to 100 miles) and I was one of the best long distance unicyclists in the UK but I had to retire due to knee problems. I have also spent a lot of time rock climbing and enjoy getting out walking in the hills whenever I can.

I have enjoyed becoming more involved with the Taff Ely coaching team over the last couple of years and seeing improvements from athletes of all levels. When it comes to improving and getting faster there is nothing more effective that hard work, so get out there and lookout for the hard sessions!